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About Erin

As a Solution Focused therapist, I believe that, despite whatever struggles you are facing, you are the expert in your own experience and that you know what works and doesn’t work for you. I will listen carefully to your concerns, ask purposeful questions, and offer feedback designed to help you take your next small step towards the future you hope for. In our work together, I will invite you to:

  • Consider your best hopes for yourself in therapy,  

  • Pay attention to your strengths,

  • Notice what coping strategies are already working for you,

  • Be aware of times when things seem better (even if just a bit)

  • Think about the next small step you can take to live your best life

My hope is that you leave our session with increased hope, more confidence,

and a sense that you are headed towards the future you desire.  

I am a different kind of Counselor.


Many types of therapists spend a great deal of time assessing the problems you are facing in your life, discussing why the problem is happening, assigning a diagnosis to you, helping you to identify what you need to change in your life, and developing a treatment plan filled with coping strategies that may or may not work for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. For some people, this is a useful approach. If this is what you are looking for, then I may not be the best fit for you.

My professional background includes 20 years of experience as a School Counselor. I have worked extensively with children and families facing a variety of learning and mental health struggles including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and LGBTQ issues. My focus has been to assist kids in recognizing their own strengths, building and maintaining healthy relationships, utilizing positive coping skills, developing mindfulness practices, and becoming advocates for themselves. Recently, a significant part of my practice has involved helping kids to manage the challenges of navigating social relationships via an ever-changing on-line world


Solution Focused Brief Therapy appeals to a wide range of children and families as it is future focused and does not require extensive discussion about the “identified problem”.  

On a personal note, I love to read, cook, garden, ski and travel with my husband and two children.

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