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Girls Night Out

Tweens and teens face lots of challenges. They can experience a decline in confidence, increased social struggles, challenges at school, difficulties navigating the on-line world, and conflicts with parents.

This 8 week group is designed to help girls connect with each other in a supportive environment, learn to communicate effectively both in person and on line, and re-kindle their confidence. My best hopes for this group are that girls find it to be a safe, supportive environment where they can explore and reflect on their strengths, talents, relationships, hopes, dreams, and even their struggles.

Girls will have a chance to discuss things that are important in life:  persevering through challenges, navigating technology and social media, developing lasting friendships, appreciating themselves and their bodies and advocating for themselves.

The group is structured so that every voice is heard and valued. We will have meaningful discussions, do fun activities together, learn mindfulness skills, build confidence in ourselves and build trust in each other.

If you think this group would be a good fit for your daughter or are interested in learning more, please contact me.

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